Live the Secrets…

After a long time I am doing blogging now as I was quite busy for my wedding and in enjoying life after marriage. As almost seven months passed away of my wedding, now that I am feeling free to back in doing my writing and all of those old-school works. But honestly speaking still now I am feeling like all these things happened just a few days ago. Up till now I have that fresh feeling of a new bridal wife enjoying her days.
Deepti Makati

I have enjoyed doing things like wedding dress purchasing and that’s too with most kind of matching ornaments, doing mehndi, visiting parlor and many as such wonderful tasks. All those experiences were so fun doing that it’s becoming difficult to describe in words.  I was like in the world of pleasure and inspiration to start a happy life.

The dream comes true moments

After a long time I finally decide to tie the knot with the man I love. Actually I was fully excited and eagerly waiting for the special day to come, so that all my dreams come true. The day was really mesmerizing when I was treated by everyone like a princess and all relatives and friends are like jumping in joy blessing me for my marriage life. Soon I got to realize the ultimate pleasure of a wedding day.

Blissful life to cherish

Life after marriage is like going each and every day with all those thrilling experiences that is full of excitement. In fact I can say my life after marriage doesn’t change for me with anything particular. I am so lucky that I can cherish each day of my marriage life with a new outlook and with fresh attitude.

Astounding days with lots of surprises

Yes we have our memorable moments at kerala the finest place ever, where we have our honeymoon. With hubby each moments were full of surprises and exhilaration. Till now whenever I close my eyes the whole picture comes close to my eyes and makes me blush. It’s enough I have shared a lot but now I am feeling shy…… shy-deeptimakati bye….